Take Off

Starting over

Posted on January 1, 2017

I have had this domain for some years now, and had totally neglected my blog. It was until I tried to go to my website and got a 404 when I realized I needed to either let it go or fix it once and for all.

Since I was not very diligent about my own website, I didn’t even have a back up, so I basically lost all my posts (although, there weren’t so many to begin with). So I decided to start from scratch.


I started re-creating my blog in WordPress again, but while exploring my options for hosting and all, I decided to go with Jekyll and Github pages, which does have a learning curve, but it allows me to have more control on what is going on.


Another change from my previous site, is language. I went back and forward with writing in spanish or english (or both), but I settled for english. Although I do love my native tongue, I feel that programming is mostly done in English and I don’t want to struggle again with deciding which concepts I should be translating and which ones I shouldn’t.

So here it is. Starting 2017 with a brand new blog.

Photo from Dustin Gaffke